Parkinsonss Disease: Oughton Tanera

Parkinson’s Disease: Loosing The Fight?

The Fight against Parkinson’s Disease

Several sources have reported that world famous actor Michael J. Fox has lost his fight against Parkinson’s Disease. That was a huge shock for me, living with Parkinson’s Disease myself. But it does not mean that he died. No, he is alive. Parkinsons is a degenerative disease which means that it gets worse time after time. Nobody can know how fast it goes. Eventually it ends up in complete loss of movement.

I developed my own therapy to stop the disease and extend the time of being able to do things like playing the guitar. And even recover the ability. I was diagnosed in 2013 after I wasn’t able to play guitar at all. I had the first symptoms in 2007 when i passed out on a bike ride. That was followed by a long Odyssee of examinations.

After I spent a couple of weeks in hospital I began with special guitar exercises to get my hand moving. I was confident and began to write songs for the first album „Leave The Marked Path“.

Now the band has released the second album „Jasper’s Warning“. I’m still doing my guitar exercises but the symptoms became worse. And it is not only coping with symptoms but with the fear of loosing it all. But I am not fighting the disease, I try to live with it.

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